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About Us

We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's
We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's
We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's


Please read the list of Professionals in the South Florida community that currently have or had a Heidi's Helpers working in their home. 

Dr. Golden, Palm Beach Gardens, psychologist

Dr. Knottingham, Lighthouse Point, Radiologist

Johnson Family, Delray Beach, retired Professional Football Player

Wooley Family, Delray Beach, Tiffany Wooley Interior Decor

Rondell White Family, Davie, Professional Baseball Player

Domimnguez-Fagunda Family, Plantation, attorney

Dr. Schwartzberg, Palm Beach Gardens, Oncology

Danzig Family, Ft. Lauderdale, attorney

Dr. Scheinker, Delray Beach, Pediatrician

 Diemar Family, Coconut Grove, Attorney

Bernstein Family, attorney, Golden Beach, former Mayor of Golden Beach

Reiter Family, attorney, Palm Beach, past president of the Florida Bar

Dr. Schecter, dermotology, Wellington

Nisim Family, attorney, Plantation

Dr. Sanchez, Lake Worth, psychologist

Alexander Family, owner of the Houston Rockets, Ocean Ridge

Dr. Zack, psychology, Miami Beach

Pippen Family, retired professional basketball player

Dr. Anidjar, radiologist, Hollywood

Zankle Family, owner of Excell Auto Group, Delray Beach

Dr. Werthelmer, OBGYN, Miami Beach

Dr. Seckler, pediatrician, Boca Raton

Dr. Sheinker, pediatrician, Boca Raton

Cohen Family, attorney, Hollywood

Beiber Family of Weston, attorney

Goldstein Family, attorney, President of the Broward Fl Bar 2011-2012

Dr. Agrawal, Boca Raton

Carlos Dansby, professional football player

Suzanne Boyd, newscaster, Palm Beach County

Franks Family of WPB, attorney

Dr. Feather, pediatricain, Wellington

Steinger Family, attorney, PBG's

Schneider Family, retired attorney, Miami Beach

Lennox Family, Physicians Assistant, Boca Raton

Yaffa Family, attorney, Delray Beach

Robert Mintz, business man, Boca Raton

Dr. Lisa Siegal, psychology, Boca Raton

Dr. Lusbig, dermotology, Pembroke Pines

Greenstein Family, attorney, Wellington

Mizrachi Family, professional poker player, Aventura

Dr. Graberdo, OBGYN, Boynton Beach

Dr. Rick Oklin, Weston

Dr. Vieria, Miami Beach

Skylar Family, physician, Davie

Cohen Family, professional tennis player, Boca Raton

Bartone Family, race car driver, Delray Beach

Dr.Richardson, U of M, Key Biscayne

McMillan Family, accountant, Boynton Beach

Wooley Family, interior decorator, Delray Beach

Coach McMillin, Lynn University, Boynton Beach

Zucker Family, Zucker Public Relations, Delray Beach

Lacompte Family, attorney, Aventura

Greene Family, hotelier, Omphoy Hotel

Grau Family, CPA firm, Boca Raton

Marcy Faith, stock broker, Delray Beach

Watson Family, IBM Heir

Pat Riley, basketball coach

Lucy Morillo, attorney, Director of Fund Raising for Miami Childrens Hospital

Robert Bailey, retired professional football player

Dr. Rachel Mason, veterinarian, Pembroke Pines

Dr. Mason, ER doctor

Dr. Beth Freedman, OBGYN, Coral Springs

Dr. Patricia Wade, pulminologist

Bruder Family, fire fighters

Dr. Dari Shapiro

Dr. Servoss, Boca Raton

Dr. Mayugba, Boca Raton

Dr. Pamela Knottingham

Marianne Tamposi, owner of Prodigy Models

Sheptak Family of PBG's, attorney

Dr. Weissman, practices in Boston, MA

Williams - Slutsker Family, attorneys in Hollywood

Saudia Simmons, attorney, Homestead

Ronit Lubowicz, owner of My Little Gym

Dr. Maryanne Chrisant, pediatric cardiology, Hollywood, Joe Dimaggio's Childrens Hospital

Dr. Alana Horowitz, pediatrician, Pembroke Pines

Dr. Richard Kitt, dentist, Delray Beach

Dr. Stella Cabiasis, pediatric dermotology, Boca Raton

Shawn Family, attorney, NY and Boynton Beach

Mukamal Family, international business

Dr. Burton, OBGYN, Boynton Beach

Dr. Karmen, OBGYN, Boca Raton

Dr. Leiberfarb, pediatrician, Boca Raton

Dr. Amro, orthopedic surgeon, Wellington

Dr. Andrew, U of M

Dr. Ackerman

Dr. Albinder

Dr. War War, U of Miami professor

Officer Barnet, Miami Dade

Dr. Baylis, orthopedic, Ft. Lauderdale

Colson Family, attorney, Lighthouse Point

Dr. Bohrer

Dr. Bortnick, practices in Philadelphia, PA

Katia Bates, owner of Innovative Interiors of South Florida, winner of TLC's, Four Houses in August of 2012 and being featured in Better Homes and Garden Magazine

Brennan Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Dr. Ohayon, Plantation, general medicine

Brodsky Family, owner of House of Floors, Boca Raton

Burkhalter Family, attorney, Miami Shores

Dr. Burkowsky, Ft. Lauderdale, Joe Dimaggio's Childrens Hospital

Bunetta Family, hypnotist, Coral Springs

Officer Cagno, Palm Beach County Sheriff Officer

Mellon Family, bankers

Dr. Lanalee, OBGYN, Ft. Lauderdale, President of AACOG at American Association of Concierge Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Chen, opthomology, Coral Springs

Dr. Hargreaves, Coral Springs

Dr. Chung, pediatrician, Boca Raton

Le Compte Family, attorney, Aventura

Vivian Demille, attorney, Delray Beach

Dr. Diamond, retired, Delray Beach

Dr. Dudak, Boca Raton

Enloe Family, nuclear chemist, Miramar

Smiley Family, Physicians assistant

Hosein Family, attorney, Parkland

Sakolsky Family, Lake Worth, horse training and instructor

Hernandez-Valois Family, husband and wife attorneys

Pilot Vassilatos, Jet Blue, Hollywood

Lanell Fagan, PBG's, Lady Lanell Crystal Sandals

Fields Family, Parkland, Fields Realty

Halpern Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Herman Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Hernandez Family, Davie, ownes of Butterfly Salon and Spa

Zakiya Fagien, Parkland, Publisher of Jazziz Magazine

Dr. Horowitz, Pediatrician, Hollywood

Gambino Family, PBG's and NY

Gilbert Family, Director of AngioScreen, Plantation

Dr. Ginsberg, Weston

Giachetti Family, Boca Raton, Realtor

Dr. Gorn, Boca Raton

Dr. Greenberg, Boca Raton

Garber Family, Lighthouse Point, Publisher of Russian Global Media House

Keen Family, WPB, attorney

Kravitz Family, NMB, attorney

Dr. Kreigsten, Boynton Beach

Dr. Kozloff, trauma surgeon, Ft. Lauderdale

Lee Indrieri, Boca Raton, Lee Indrieri Interiors

Officer Janzer, Davie, Davie Police officer

Jacobson Family, Star Island

Dr. Jovine, Boynton Beach, pediatric oncology

Dr. Julien, Gulfstream

Latona Family, Ft. Lauderdale, Sassy Tootsies Boutique

Dr. Leong, Delray Beach, dentist

Dr. Lewitt, Boca Raton

Dr. Lichtenstein, Coral Springs, pediatrician

Dr. Leiberfarb, Boca Raton, internist

Lugo Family, Tamarac, attorney

Dr. Lusbig, Weston, dermatology

Ionelli Family, Star Island

Nesselroth Family, Plantation, attorney

Dr. Marzan, Boca Raton

Dr. Brown-Matouk, Lighthouse Point

Dr. Mc Cauley, dentist, Boca Raton

Medrano Family, Ft. Lauderdale, trial attorney

Dr. Mednick, Delray Beach

Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Mitchell, dentists, Delray Beach

Dr. Beverton, Plantation

Dr. Mohip, Boynton Beach

Mazer Family, Boca Raton

Dr. Schecter, Wellington, ER physician

Dr. Rick Oklin, Weston, dentist

Dr. Ohayon, Hollywood, Pediatrician

Dr. Osber, Davie, Optomotrist

Talenfeld Family, Plantation, attorney and Public Relations

Dr. Stone, Davie, Pediatrician

Sandelman Family, Developers, Highland Beach

Dr. Schnee Riesz, OBGYN, Coral Springs

Dr. Schoenhaus Gold, Vascular Surgeon, Delray Beach

Greenstein Family, attorney, Wellington

Dr. Szekely, North Miami

Dr. Schwedelson, Internist, Boca Raton

Shavitz Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Dr. Shah, Internist, Ft.Lauderdale

Sharon Family, attorney Boca Raton

Sirkin Family, attorney, Boynton Beach

Nesselroth Family, attorney, Ft. Lauderdale

Dr. Ohayon, pediatrician, Hollywood

Dr. Osber, optomotrist, Davie

Dr. Patel, Wellington, endocrinology

Haddad Family, attorney, Ft. Lauderdale

Hightower Family, Miami Beach, attorney

Pierro Family, attorney, Miami Beach

Picow Family, Delray Beach, businessman

Presson Family, Ocean Ridge, Realtor

Gionconi Family, Boca Raton, Realtor

Puder Family, Aventura, Realtor

Jaeger Family, Wellington, ER physician

Dr. Quinonez, Boca Raton

Dr. Rizve, Plantation

Dr. Rosenberg, Delray Beach

Dr. Rosenbaum, Boca Raton

Dr. Schwartz, OBGYN, Boca Raton

Torchin Family, CPA, Parkland

Talenfeld Family, Plantation, attorney

Trelles Family, PBG's, attorney

Dr. Wade, Pulminologist, Miramar

Professor Warwar, U of M

Dr. Burcket

Pilot Vassilatos, Hollywood, Jet Blue

Dr. Vatz, psychology, Deerfield Beach

Dr. Del Valle, internist, Boca Raton

Dr. Vieira, internist, Miami Beach

Verbitsky Family, Golden Beach, Owners of Golden Rehab Center

Yaffa Family, Delray Beach, FL, attorney

Jaeger, Wellington, school teacher

Myers Family, Boca Raton, plastic surgeon

Dr. Resner, Delray Beach

Dr. Lipman, Boca Raton

Burns Family, Delray Beach, attorney

Bougdanos - Gaunt Family, Ft. Lauderdale, Federal Prosecutor

Amere Family, Boca Raton, Hebrew teacher Donna Klein Academy

Jay Family, Boca Raton, dentist

Finnvold Family, Boca Raton, Architect

Officer Janzer, detective Davie police officer

Gwen Dvorkin, Parkland, owner of Pine Hollow Farms Riding Academy

Hosein Family, physician, Parkland

Dr. Lessen, Lighthouse Point

D. Schwartz, Delray Beach, Realtor

Litten Family, Boynton Beach, owner of Seacrest MRI

Marino Family, Ft. Lauderdale, CEO of Kaplan University

Chambers Family, professional football player, Miami Dolphins

Valera Famliy, Miami Beach, Corporate Law attorney

Officer Cagno, Broward Sheriffs Office

Elkin Family, attorney, Delray Beach

Falk Family, Palm Beach, philanthropists

Revah Family, Boca Raton, owners of Bugatchi Uomo Clothing

Bergmann Family, Ft. Lauderdale, developer and philanthropists

Gilbert Family, Plantation, attorney

Dr. Leader-Landau, Pediatrician, Miami Beach

Dr. Saida, Radiologist, Boca Raton

Dr. Shusterman, Highland Beach, aurthor and Philosopher, professor at FAU

Dr. Ortega, Nuerologist, Boca Raton, Professor at U of M

Jackie Berlowski, Delray Beach, TV Producer

Budja Family, Miami Beach, art gallery owners

Stayman Family, Emeral Hills, Family Therapist

Sirota Barbagallo Family, Hollywood, attorney

Markin Family, Palm Beach, Philanthropists

Colson Family, attorney, Lighthouse Point

Choe Family, Hollywood, attorney

Sarrell Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Zakin Family, attorney, Delray Beach

Perez Family, Coral Gables, owners of Dade Medical School

Kravits Family, Miami, attorney

Cohen Family, Miami Beach, EMH Capitol Group

Kaplan Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Saunders Family, Hollywood, Xpress It, Corp.

Bogen Family, Wellington, attorney

Fonseca Puggina Family, Miami Beach, attorney

Dr. Alvarez, pediatrican, Boca Raton

Dr. Coke, internal physician, Boca Raton

Rustin Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Dr. Caponera, Pompano Beach, orthodontist

Dr. Boyer, Parkland, ER physician

Dr. Finkel, Parkland, anesthesiologist

Lipman Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Dr. Netta, Miami Beach, Family Therapy

Dr. Mesuk, Delray Beach, ER physician

Finnvold Family, Boca Raton, retired major league baseball player

Dr. Berger, Boca Raton, Cardiologist

Torchin Family, Boynton Beach, CPA

Sasstri Family, Miami Beach, race car driver

Doner Family, Palm Beach Gardens, attorney

Sandleman Family, Boca Raton, developers

DiMaggio Family, Broward County Sheriff's Officer and relative of Joe DiMaggio!

Ari Hait, Reporter for WPBF  - TV

Dr. Hammond, Wellington

Dr. Zampieri, Pediatrician, Southwest Ranches

Gelfand Family, attorney, Hollywood

Brin Family, Ft. Lauderdale, attorney

Falk Family, Palm Beach

Tolston Family, Attorneys, Miami Beach

Dr. Tannenbaum, Delray Beach, internal medicine

Dr. Katz, Boca Raton, oncology

Miller Family, Boca Raton, CPA

Dr. Padmanabhan, Boynton Beach

Dr. Jibodh, Jupiter, internal medicine

Dr. Karmin, OBGYN, Miami Woman's Care

Dr. Smith, psychology, Boca Raton

Tolston Family, Miami Beach, attorneys at law

Dr. Gross, Psychology, Boca Raton

Officer Perkoski, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Officer

Dr. Mushfeka Galloway, Boca Raton

Dr. Bhutta, Weston

Colson Family, attorney, Light House Point

Dr. Mishkin, Light House Point

Dr. Hellar, Boca Raton, Psychologist

Smith Family, Boca Raton, World War 2 and Korean War Vet, retired from the Air Force

Gross Family, attorney, Weston

Midwall Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Barkan Family, attorney, Delray Beach

Lamb Family, attorney, Coral Gables

Fagien Family, Parkland, owners of Jazziz in Mizner Park

Dr. Caponera, Pompano Beach, Orthodontist

Joanne Gelfand, Hollywood, attorney

Soffer Family, owner of Turnberry Associates, Aventura, Developers

Berger Family, Physician, Miami Shores

Shenkman Family, Philanthropists, Detroit MI and Boca Raton FL

Sharp Family, Palm Beach Gardens, NASCAR race car driver

Dr. Ohayon, Plantation, pediatrician

Hauser Family, Boca Raton, American Heritage teacher

Keenan Family, Palm Beach Gardens, attorney

Porak Family, Delray Beach, attorney

Dr. Villicana, Parkland, dentist

Dr. Gross, Boca Raton, psychology

Bryan Family, Miami Beach, professional tennis player

Claymen Family, Highland Beach, Philanthropists

Sabir Family, Miami Beach, attorney/Professor of Law at U of M

Dr. Klemes, Boynton Beach

Tiktin Family, Boca Raton, attorney/judge

Dr. Kelman Family, Boca Raton, physician

Dr. Harris-Rodriguez, Parkland, Dentist

Vento Family, Parkland, owner of Budget Tiles

Elise Family, Ft. Lauderdale, attorney

Ash Family, Boca Raton, accountant

Felson Family, Delray Beach, attorney

Flack Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Dr. Shuman, Boca Raton, psychologist and attorney

White Family, Davie, Professional baseball player

Mandel Family, Delray Beach, attorney

Ovadia Family, Delray Beach, attorney

Puggina Family, Miami Beach, attorney 

Polazzi Family, Physicians Assistant, Ligthhouse Point

Dr. Tannenbaum, Boca Raton

Dr. Drake, Boca Raton, Pediatric Radiology

Dr. Goldstein, Boca Raton

Ambassador Siegel, Boca Raton

Alvarez Family, Miami Beach, attorney

Dr. Kelly, Opthomologist, Boca Raton

Dr. Del Valle, ENT, Boca Raton

Herring Family, Key Biscayne, Senior VP for Viacom Productions

Renzulli Family, Ocean Ridge 

Judge Weliky, 15th Judicial Circuit

Dr. Berger, Miami Shores

Dr. Korn, Hollywood, oral surgeon

Dr. Parrish, Professor at U of M

Dr. Rouffee, Boca Raton, Chiropractor

Dr. Kashlan, Plantation

Dominguez Family, Plantation, attorney

Rutkowski Family, Boynton Beach, owners of Camp Indian Head

Dr. Sutter-Ulrich, Boca Raton

Dr. Gutpa, Lighthouse Point

Dr. Ohayon, Pediatrician, Hollywood

Greenstein Family, Wellington, attorney at law

Paige Family, attorney, Davie

Dr. Hierholzer Family, ER surgeon, Parkland

Dr. Ellis, Palm Beach Gardens

Rubenstein Family, Boca Raton, attorney at law 

Udell Family, Boca Raton, attorney at Law

Pat Riley, Miami Heat coach

Caine Family, Miami, attorney at Law

Rubenstain Family, Boca Raton, attorney at Law

Stanley Family, physician, Boca Raton

Schultz Family, attorneys, Boca Raton

Dr. Kalia, pediatric nuerologist, Weston

Dr. Goldin, psychologist, Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Rutskin, Boynton Beach

Dr. Goldin, Psychologist, Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Udell, Psychologist, Boynton Beach

Sloat-Rogers Family, attorney at law, Boynton Beach

Shullman Family Orthodontist and attorney, Wellington

Dr. Sheth, Boynton Beach

Dr. Bach, Miami Beach

Chowdri Family, attorney at law, Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Harris, Dentist, Boca Raton

Dr. Jeffers, Parkland

Mores Family, Parkland, accountant

Dr. Buck, Delray Beach

Rosenthal Family, attorney at law, North Miami Beach

Stein Family, attorney at law, Boca Raton

Dr. Odle, Pembroke Pines

Lieberman Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Laing Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Dr. Hassman, Delray Beach

Dr. Negar Aleysin, Miami Beach

Rose Family, Emerald Hills, attorney

Stein Family, Boca Raton, attorney

Rosenthal Family, North Miami Beach, General Councel for Denmark

Linert Family, Plantation, LCL Interiors

Kim Family, Boca Raton, attorney at law

Jaime Wolf, Boca Raton, teacher at Pine Crest School of Boca Raton

Kimberly Prior, attorney, Miami Beach

Sharp Family, Palm Beach Gardens, race car driver

Eric Jacobs, attorney, Hollywood

John Rizvi, attorney, Hollywood

Dr. Luchtan, Founding pediatrician of Boca Pediatrics

Dr. Sophia Jibodh, Internal Medicine, Jupiter 

Blanca Perper, attorney, Wellington, daughter of famous coronor Dr. Perper

Padron Family, Delray Beach, owner of Padron Flooring

Dr. Luise Mural-Silberstein, Boca Raton, director of female oncology at Boca Raton Community Hospital

Dr. Lisa Szekely, Miami Beach, ER physician

Deutsch Family, attorney, Lake Worth

Dr. Klein, Boca Raton

Erin Hardison, Tequesta, Guidance Counselor for Palm Beach County Schools

Roogers Family, US Airforce Captain, Boynton Beach

Slout Family, attorney, Boynton Beach

Dr. Meran, Dermotologist, Boca Raton

Kaplan Family, attorney, Boca Raton

Dr. Markson, Chiropractor, Aventura

Roselli Family, developer, Galt Ocean Mile

Clayman Family, Highland Beach, philanthropists

Weitzen Family, Boynton Beach, General Contractor

Colson Family, attorney, Lighthouse Point

Dr. Renzulli, plastic surgeon, Delray Beach

Renzulli Family, Ocean Ridge, developers

Sastri Family, Miami Beach, proffesional race car driver

Gilbert Family, attorney, Plantation

Morgenstein Family, Highland Beach, movie producer

Socha Family, attorney, Ft. Lauderdale

Dr. Klemes, physician, Boynton Beach

Ortiz Family, General Contractor, Boynton Beach

Dr. LaGrasso, Plastic Surgeon, Parkland

Dr. Isaac, ER physician, Miramar

Dr. Julien, Ocean Ridge

Dr. Markson, Chiropractor, North Miami Beach

Dr. Gittleman, Oncology, Boynton Beach

Dr. Meran, Dermotology, Boca Raton

Socha Family, attorney, Ft. Lauderdale

Dr. Klemes, Boynton Beach

Diemar Family, attorney, Coconut Grove

Johnson Family, Delray Beach, Retired Pro Football player

Cohen Family, Cooper City, attorney

Arlovski Family, Delray Beach, Professional Kick Boxer and actor that has appeared in many Jean Claude Vandam movies

Fagundez Family, Ft. Lauderdale, attorney




































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